Service Dinner

Our Service Dinner is designed to recognize those in our community who go above in beyond in serving. If you know someone who gives back a little more, we will be looking for nominations for our next Service Dinner soon.  

There are four categories that are recognized at these dinners: 

Economic Assistance
Activities intended to relieve financial stress. Examples include helping the homeless, the elderly, employment and job training, medical services and devices]

Helping to improve learning for all ages through scholarships, tutoring, and with enhancement programs such as library, arts, and computers

Attention paid to saving resources through recycling, animal shelters, historical preservation, neighborhood watch, fire prevention

Youth and Children
Supporting efforts in drug prevention, anger management, after school programs, sports leagues and summer programs

2016 Winners:

Michael Albertson, Connie Anaya, Byron and LuJuanaBrown, Faith Collari, Pete Florio, John Frame, Scott Isaman, Henrietta Lucas,  Heather Yount